RAID: Shadow Legends

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Оновлено: 2022-09-23 Версія: 5.80.0
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This could be a really good game. It sadly falls short because items needed to advance heros are difficult to get. Unless you're willing to pay for those items. Obtaining new heroes require shards, you can get a few by completing daily, weekly or monthly quests. Not nearly enough to get the featured hero. Energy is another factor- needed to do dungeons, campaign battles. You get a fixed amount every day. And it you don't use it all, you lose it. Soul stones are a new feature, more $.


I would give this game a higher rating, (beautiful graphics and gameplay) but those constant, never ending, non stop, incessant, aggressive pop up ads EVERY SINGLE TIME you go to home screen are enough to drive a person nuts. That and the brush off responses by plarium to it "we want to show you the limited time offers from time to time"....but it's NOT just time to time (that would be fine)'s EVERY SINGLE TIME you go to home screen and sometimes 3 or 4 at a time ugh...


This game was great. Till the pay to win became a very noticably dominant feature. I put money into it, but you'll quickly learn that unless you want to spent 100's or 1000's to progress at a comfortable pace then this game will get stale real quick. Anyway, cancelled my subscription too and deleting the app. It's crazy that characters are level capped but enemies with buffed status effects can out level you 3-6 times.

Run RAID: Shadow Legends on PC

Plarium Global LTD’s exciting RPG game is RAID: Shadow Legends, which comes with a plot to save the world by using more than hundreds of champions. And it is the gameplay that makes you immersed in a visually stunning world with the most superior legendary warriors. For the players in love with battles, multiple types of warriors, and a lot of actions, RAID: Shadow Legends is the ideal game for you.

Legendary Heroes with Most Extraordinary Powers

Since RAID: Shadow Legends is about saving the Teleria world, it will put the legendary heroes to fight, and they will fight against the darkness as well as the light. Heroes are coming through 16 different factions, and it is a must to form a balanced team made out of every Undead, Sorcerers, Knights, Skinwalkers, and Elves.
Every hero can be recruited as per the player’s will, and they can be trained by putting into fights. You will also be able to equip them with weapons to see how astonishing your team will emerge to the game. For reaching into the most extraordinary gameplay with RAID: Shadow Legends, now you have LDPlayer 9.

Epic Game Modes with Superior Features

RAID: Shadow Legends features the PVP Arena where the players can climb up from the ranks, which can all be acquired by dealing with some intense battles. Two teams will be put into the battle, but only one comes alive. So many challenging bosses will be there to fight in boss battles, and every time a player manages to succeed in them, the game doesn’t forget to offer them XP, loot, and a special champion.

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