Lords Mobile Codes August 2022


Lords Mobile is the game that took the turn of the MMOG strategy game world to the next level, and after passing six years after its official release, this demand and its popularity have not even been decreased by a little bit. Since it turned its way to the PC back in 2019, this popularity has increased drastically, and there are so many features included here to make gamers amazed by everything. The game sharpens with its Lords Mobile codes system.






You may already know that the game developers offer codes to their players to earn some free rewards, which can contribute to our game's growth. The same procedure is done in this Lords Mobile game as well, and its developers are, from time to time, coming along with several Lords Mobile codes to have some free promo gifts from the game.

So if you don't have an idea of which Lords Mobile codes have to be utilized to earn your rewards, here are the Lords Mobile valid for this month, and with every code, we have mentioned their respective rewards. Let's move on to the list as follows.

Active Lords Mobile Codes

Codes Rewards
MOTHERSDAY2022 this code can earn you 1x50000 from gold, 1x150000 from ore, 1x150000 from timber, 1x500000 from foods, 1x150000 from stones and a 1x random relocater
LMCOLLECTOR this code is coming along with 1x50000 from gold, 1x150000 from ore, 1x150000 from timber, 1x500000 from foods, 1x150000 from stones and 2x100 artefacts coins
EASTER2022 this code can provide you with 1x50000 from gold, 1x150000 from timber, 1x150000 from ore, 1x random relocater and 1x150000 from stones
2022ARTIFACT you will be offered 2x100 artefacts coins, 1x50000 gold, 1x150000 ore, 1x150000 timber, 1x500000 foods, 1x150000 stones, 1x relocater, 5x 3 hours of speed up research, 5x 3-hour speed ups, 100 VOP points, a braveheart and a 1x2000 energy
LM2022 this code can give you 10x gold boost for 25%, 10x ore boost for 25%, 10x timber boost for 25%, 10x stone boost for 25%, 10x food boost for 25% and 10x speed up training for 10m


Please note that even though these codes seem like they don't have real meaning and the sentence pattern seems like no sense, you have to type them in the way they have been provided to you. The reason is these codes are high in case of sensitive matters, and making a single mistake for one character can lead work to malfunction. And also, keep in mind that they have a very short lifetime, which is likely to expire soon. So be sure and remember to redeem these Lords Mobile codes in time.

Redeeming of Lords Mobile Codes 

The redemption procedure for Lords Mobile codes will only take a few steps from you as follows.


  • When you open the game, you will see a range of icons displayed under your gaming screen. From all those icons, go to the Settings as shown in the image below. 


  • After you click the Settings, there will be another window opened with a set of options and you need to click the “Redemption Code” button in there.


  • Now enter your gift code within the provided space and claim them all for you.


And also, you can use the official centre for Lords Mobile codes redemption codes to have your rewards.


How to Earn More Lords Mobile Codes?

Usually, these Lords Mobile codes are released constantly from its official website, and their official social media sections also contribute to this. If you can give a follow up to their Reddit, Facebook, Discord and Twitter, you will get plenty of Lords Mobile codes to earn your rewards. Many times, Lords Mobile developers are coming up with new codes for their special occasions. If they have some special festivals, reach a specific milestone, or have some special events or partnerships, they will come up with more and more new codes.

Moreover, you can refer to this guide as well to know the future active Lords Mobile codes as we are updating this guide with every new code released.

How to Play Lords Mobile on PC?

If you seek an optimized yet advanced gaming with Lords Mobile PC, now you can go for it with the best android emulator: LDPlayer. The steps are shown below.


Lords Mobile Codes May 2022


  • Take LDPlayer downloaded from 32 or 64-bit versions depending on your PC requirements.
  • Go to its store LD Store to search the Lords Mobile game
  • Find the game and install
  • Enjoy your best gaming


And that ends our Lord's Mobile codes for this month. Make sure to have constant interaction with us to know more updated codes from the game. We assure and guarantee to come up with more and more codes every day. Take your chance and progress much better with free rewards.

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